Marmitek InvisibleControl 2 tafelmodel, 2 (max. 4) apparaten

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Invisible Control 2 – 30 – 60 kHz, 4m – 8m, EU

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Marmitek Invisible Control 2. Kleur van het product: Zilver

– Operate 2 (max. 4) A/V devices behind closed cabinet doors with your own remote control.
– Works with almost all A/V equipment (HDD-recorder, set-top box, satellite decoder and Stereo) with an infrared sensor.
– Incorporates new IR filter techniques for use in the vicinity of Flat Screen TVs (Plasma, LCD and LED), indirect sunlight and energy-efficient light bulbs.

How does the Invisible Control 2 work?
Place the Invisible Control 2 in sight of your own remote control. Stick the IR LEDs on the front panel of your A/V equipment. Point the remote control at the Invisible Control 2 in order to operate your A/V equipment via the connected IR LEDs.


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