FTE ETWF310 2 A/V Channels to COFDM 2003566 op=op

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ETWF 310, Coding rate 500 – 6750Kb/s, DVB-T 6/7/8 MHz, Input video level 1Vpp, Input audio level 0.6Vpp

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Fte maximal ETWF 310. Maximale videoresolutie: 720 x 480 Pixels. Afmetingen (BxDxH): 75 x 265 x 150 mm, Gewicht: 1,4 kg

– The module ETWF 310 is used for the reception of two base band channels (A/V).
– Each module allows the modulation of both base band input signals in a multiplex DVB-T (COFDM).
– A feature of this equipment is its modula
– tor in Vestigial Side Band (or VSB). This modulation can be used to distribute
– adjacent channels in one distribution without any intermodulation problem.
– Each module has one Loop connector to cascade several modules at input and a Mix connector to do same in output channels.
– The output channel is selectable between C2 and C69.
– All parameters are programmed by the means
– of PRO 201 or the EVO or MINI series of field strength meter, and they are
– monitored in the display of programmer or in
– the 5” TFT screen of field strength meter.


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