FTE 2003534 TSQ310 CI 8PSK to QAM transmodulator op=op

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Datalogger software for Professional field strenght meters

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Fte maximal EVO SOFT. Minimaal benodigde schijfruimte: 50 MB, Minimale RAM: 512 MB, Minimale processor: Pentium 4, 2.4GHz

– From EVOSOFT, the different parameters of the meter are selected for a set of measurements to be carried out. For this purpose, you can use the Assistant for creation of groups. The assistant will guide us to create the structure of the measurements, which is the base of the datalogger.
– Once the structure of measurements is created, it is dumped from the computer to the USB device. The memory is then connected to the meter, and through the command New measurement of the TOOLS > DATALOGGER menu, it executes all the programmed measurement procedures, storing the results in the same USB memory device.
– The data, figures and pictures gotten, can then be loaded on the computer again, where EVOSOFT will allow its viewing and processing.
Finally, the software allows generating detailed reports of the installations, which can be customized by the customer to make them fit with its needs.


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