Fracarro D-Matrix-8T 8xT2/C > 8xT 2CI Compact Headend

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Fracarro 283133 D-Matrix-8T 8xT2/C > 8xT 2CI Compact Headend

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Fracarro 283133 D-Matrix-8T 8xT2/C > 8xT 2CI Compact Headend

NEW ABSOLUTE FEATURE: thanks to the new FlexCAM operation mode feature, it’s possible to decrypt many programs coming from the different TV tuner inputs, by using the same CAM module (i.e. Flexible CAM on the OUTPUT). D-Matrix-8T is equipped with two universal slots Common Interface that can be both used FlexCAM operation mode.

THE WEB INTERFACE MANAGEMENT HAS BEEN IMPROVED: now the main informations are available quickly !!

With the compact headend is always possibile to manage the external Audio/Video file playback stored in the pendrive (TS file format).

The new D-Matrix-8T compact headend is a unique innovation in the hospitality market concerning the Digital Terrestrial signal management and processing.

By using the D-Matrix-8T is possible to receive the HD or SD programs coming from up to 8 digital terrestrial input multiplexes, decrypt the contents through the Professional CAMs and remodulate them on the 8 “customized” output DVB-T (2K) digital multiplexes .

The new D-Matrix-8T digital compact headend is suitable for the following applications:

1. Digital Terrestrial mux regeneration and recovery: it’s possible to tune and regenerate up to 8 input digital terrestrial multiplexes thereby increasing the quality of the digital signals in RF distribution.

2. Compact headend suitable for distribute the Pay TV terrestrial content on the collective enviroment: In addition to FTA terrestrial programs, the D-Matrix-8T is able to receive, decrypt and remux all the programs that the two professional CAMs modules can handle coming from any TV input tuner.

The possibility to create up to 8 “ad-hoc” digital output multiplexes, in addition to the new FlexCAM working mode, allow the installer to freely choose the Pay TV terrestrial programs coming from every input and avoid any strategic program’s reallocation issues caused by the terrestrial broadcaster and it allow to deploy many digital contents through the coaxial network.

D-MATRIX-8T Fully manageable parameters for all the output muxes and for the individual programs (LCN, SID, PDSD, NIT, …).


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